LME Project Designs

The 21LPK Purple Brick Wall of Peace Tour Project

 The ‘Purple Brick Wall of Peace’ is the virtual and physical backdrop for the 21LPK peace movement and the 21LPK Purple Brick Wall of Peace tour.

The Social Media Tour Project


The “21LPK Purple Brick Wall of Peace” tour social media project introduces the: “International PeaceDoctor (IPD), the new arts ambassador for social change. The “21LPK” philosophy and the Purple Brick Wall of Peace begin the aesthetic tone for LME. YouTube, Instagram, twitter are three examples of social media outlets which LME will utilize to promote and advertise to the public, while also concentrating on building positive relationships and communication. Clips of his upcoming lecture and performance tour will give consumers an opportunity to embrace LME’s artistic value and business ethics.

The HIV & ME (Human Immunodeficiency Virus & My Emotions)  Peace Garden Stories Trilogy: The anti-stigma  intervention projects

The Lecture Tour Project

Live Your Dreams with or w/o HIV

“Live Your Dreams (LYD) with or w/o HIV  is a newly designed college circuit lecture tour and arts therapy project targeted to college students, whose population has the highest growth rate of HIV infections to this date. The high impact lecture tour presents a new approach called “ESI” (Emotional Stigma Intervention), a new storytelling, educational and statistical approach to help those who are and who become newly infected with HIV/AIDS. Topics on the discussion block are economic self-sufficiency, hope, HIV education, despair, encouragement, childhood nurturing, HIV serodiscordant & seroconcordant couples and the life-changing story behind “ESI.” Community professionals will be an invited guest and will present valuable input concerning the impact the virus has on those infected and affected. HIV testing will also be offered to students.

LYD is part I of the HIV & ME (Human Immunodeficiency Virus & My Emotions) Peace Garden Stories Trilogy

Part II – Wounded Dreams (a stage drama)

Part III – The HIV & ME Peace Garden Monologues: A HIV arts therapy program for those living with the virus.

The Performance Tour Project

Embrace the Beauty in Life…It’s In You

LME incorporates its’ company’s 21st century I-net generation innovation theme into the Embrace the Beauty in Life performance tour.  The stage show addresses social issues through an array of new characters who deliver comedic and dramatic scenes. Social media and Academia are also embedded for establishing LME’s unique artistic and intellectual design. Up and coming artists are invited as an strategic approach to develop community relationships.

LME Program Designs

The STOP (Students Theatrically Offering Peace) Program

STOP is designed as an arts therapy program for youth and artistic voice for their life’s concerns. The Marching IPD Peace Ambassadors will be a catalyst member for motivating the program and the 21LPK peace movement. The program has various artistic and educational areas within the program and produces a yearly play production series called Crimeology, written by the program participants.

The HIV & ME Program

A HIV & ME Peace Garden Monologues is a collection of monologues developed from an arts therapy approach for those living with the virus. It is also a way to help combat HIV stigma related issues.